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October 8 – November 19th, 2022

Portrait of Shapes
Wall File Holder
One of Two Paintings
Untitled (Mark Marking)
Oversized Painting
New York Picnic

Xerox Jacket is the first solo exhibition of paintings by Ryan Tyler Martinez.


To xerox is to represent the outermost layer of information; to render marks as pixels as marks on cellulose; to conjure signals into substrates; to duplicate as a mode of practice; to document images across lighted surfaces; to fossilize gestures both corporeal and automated; to depict with graphic precision and material imprecision; to scan the depths of resemblances; to interface and to transcend the interface; to enter and exit digital workflows of binary dialect; to conflate electricity and chemistry and craft and machine; to compile and strip away generations of generative feedback; to copy and to copy and to copy. 

To jacket is to represent the outermost layer of information; to wrap in warp and weft; to stitch and hem and weave and unite constituents so as to define a frame; to assemble an ensemble; to style the indispensable; to line bare life with structures of color and texture and position; to collage the inert into the communicative; to clothe in composition; to proffer form to the formless; to pledge manner to matter; to canvas in canvas; to speak for the ineffable; to prepare an anatomy for prying eyes; to settle shape and limit to boundless grids and boundless energy.


– Text by Shane Reiner-Roth


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